Character Designs
Story Board

AUB Finds

Animated Research Channel

A new program in the American University of Beirut, its a  science popularizing program, and converting long and heavy research into simple and catchy  finding in short 5 min animations with branded characters and on going story telling. This was a unique program "AUBFinds" one of its kind.


I was leading a team of three people, a videographer, an animator, an illustrator. 

For a year and half I was responsible for creating sample videos and developing plots and characters from the chosen research. I was responsible creating new ideas and the storyboards, approving the characters and creating the scripts, along with defining the target audiences, and studying concentration groups.  

The program was expected to take up to three year to be published with a 10 animation series as it would be the only university research  popularizing channel in the region. 

Animation Sample