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I'm a freelance brand developer, graphic designer, artist, writer, videographer, and animator
I’ve been a freelance graphic designer since 2012. In all my years I enjoyed working on many projects. I love the world of design. I’m infatuated with art and the history of art but mostly I am captivated by the contemplative and enigmatic world of philosophy. 
My aim is to combine my education in arts and history with my long experience in graphics and advertising to produce different outcomes in relation to marketing strategy and the business plan.
My greatest inspiration is the “creative thinker”. Especially the way the mind binds its right and the left side to create a beautiful blend of abstract thoughts. To that I try profoundly to create my art based on my understanding of the very complex and exhilarating human experience.
Love and Light



A.I. For Accessibility Hackathon UX design and Branding Mentor. 2021


UNICEF - Gil “The Generation of Innovation Leaders”.  2018


American University of Beirut The ABLE summit success story award. 2018


CIS Collage Graphic design award of excellence   2012

“Ranking 6th in Lebanon

Projects Highlights


Mediate for Change Concept Design

Art Director and Project Manager | Toronto Canada | 2021

Mediate for change is an online platform offering healing services and spirituality workshops. My role in this project is concentrated on project management, brand development and UI UX design. Specifically, in leading the overall visual aspects of all advertising, media campaigns and website. In addition to developing, implementing and executing marketing initiatives. Understanding digital principles and trends regarding the development of the e-curriculum. Investigating and gathering resources that aid in the implementation of teaching plans. Implementing professional development requirements. Mentoring staff for professional development for live sessions and e-courses performance.


The Retrospective of Isolation Online Exhibition


Curator| Texas USA | 2020

The Retrospective of Isolation was an online exhibition by Weeda Hamdan. In this project my responsibilities were managing the collection by recording and cataloging artwork and items in the collection. Research objects to document identification and authentication. Develop, plan, and execute online exhibition. Write acquisition and exhibition proposals. Plan the presentation and installation of artwork and objects. Develop and oversee educational programs and plans to cultivate donors for their organization. The Key activities were in management skills, a well-trained eye, exhibition skills, research skills, and writing skills.

Education for Leadership in Crisis (ELC) Scholarship Program

Project Manager and Art Director | Beirut Lebanon | 2019

I was responsible for producing the ELC TV campaign. I started by assessing the past campaigns to specify the campaign goals. I conducted field notes by interviewing the students that had already won the scholarship program to define the target and segment the audiences. I designed and directed a specific strategy that is carried out across different mediums to achieve desired results. I wrote the script and designed the storyboard. I executed the overall visual appearance and how it communicates visually, stimulates moods, contrasts features, and psychologically appeals to a target audience. I made decisions about visual elements, what artistic styles to use, and when to use motion and angels. The challenge was to solidify the vision of the collective imagination while resolving conflicting agendas. This project involved collaboration with Women for Afghan Women, American Embassy in Afghanistan, and American University of Beirut.


AUBFinds Animated Research Program

Art Director | Beirut Lebanon | 2019


I lead the role of project manager and art director in the audio-visual IT department for the American University of Beirut (AUB). I lead a team of three creatives to predetermine this science population channel. Together we developed the first AUB animated research program. The goal of this program was simplifying sophisticated and advanced AUB research into short relatable five minute animation pared with short interview with the associated research professors. In this role I was responsible for the development of the concept and brand with all its visual collaterals. Also creating and directing the scripts, storyboards, characters, plots, animations, videos footage and maintaining the overall process highlighting the brand value and quality without overshadowing the integrity of the research findings. I have delivered this project in timely manner and provided team development opportunities.

Art-throplogy Art Healing Program

Head Graphic Designer and Coordinator | Beirut Lebanon | 2018


I created an integrative Mental Health Art Curriculum that enriches the lives of individuals, families, and communities through active art-making, creative process, applied healing theories, and human experiences. The curriculum consists of a series of projects. The key challenges on this project were to design specific curriculum to touch specific aspects in regard to mental health growth and self-sufficiency. I conducted a six-month study that include art psychology, market research, business canvas, brand value, USP and visual branding, etc. I then focused my efforts on directing live talks and workshops. The curriculum was funded by Nawaya network (UNICEF) as part of their entrepreneurship program.


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